Love For Me...Big And So Messy

October 14I have a new habit that on Monday mornings I take five minutes to write down a clear intention for my next seven days, establish a couple of bigger work tasks, and then add in a few sweet & tangible self care goals. One goal was to finally take my car to be detailed by the awesome guy who works out of the Big Lots parking lot (go see him if you are in DC). While he was working Poncho and I took a walk and found this photo. It so expresses how I feel about love. It's so big and so messy!

I suffer because I feel like I should have already figured this whole love thing out. I'm such a beginner at love--maybe we all are?

With meditation we talk about always reestablishing a beginners mind. We want to be a beginner so we can stay with the aliveness of the practice rather than feeling like we are or should be "good" at something.

Love is way more than something we can master which is beautiful because it means it can save us again and again when we get too low.

It feels like a huge relief for me to show up for love today like its the first time and throw open my big messy heart and say, "thank you for existing, let's see how this goes..."