Make That Change

October 1 This lovely bit of poetry was floating through my head this morning as I rode my bike home in the rain after the standing Thursday 6:30am yoga and breakfast date with @musicfairie.

I've been riding my bike a lot more lately. I'd gotten a little dependent on my car and wanted more exercise. I've also been skipping dessert more often than not. Still I've had a few cups of coffee this week but I've said no when it's in a disposable container (yay #zerowaste ). These aren't rules at all but more small, very human changes in the right direction. And there are so many more to come!

I'd like to read one poem a day instead of checking my email one last time at night.

I could do that, right?

We can all make a little change. We are all capable of changing but for it to work it the change has to start small and carve some secret hope into your heart that you are worth working on. Little by little they add up. Slowly we become the person we want to be and really already are.

It's so simple but it really does work. It kind of blows my mind and fills me up with inspiration, helps me become buoyant as I ride on through the rainy morning.