My Heart Belongs To Daddy

October 25It was a year ago today that my dad passed away. I don't know quite what to say except that it happened and I want to remember him and that its all been such a big experience. I found this button from our father daughter dance (maybe I was eight?) when I was putting something away this morning and it was like a little message from him. Like him saying--"hey I was there, do you remember all those funny human moments we shared?" And all I can say is yes, Dad I do remember and a part of me wishes that our memories were a little prettier but mostly I'll keep them as they were because they were uniquely ours.

He was uniquely his own person--my one and only father. I'll be celebrating him tonight with our family and friends and way too much food (the way he liked it). We'll most definitely drink a glass of rum (his favorite) in his honor and say "We're ok but we miss you. Wish you were here."