New Moon

October 12Happy new moon holiday Monday! (It feels way more exciting and right to celebrate the new moon instead of Columbus). I just spent an amazing weekend learning about moon cycles and how they affect us all, especially as women. It was a weekend of retreat where I took a good long look at my beautiful and complicated self. I realized how much I use anxious action to avoid sitting with my own messiness. I was taught so early in life that my worth rested on having it all "together."

Now I see that my worth is realized when I am present and real and open to life. It's a messy process but oh so fertile and powerful! It's who we are as women or what we have to own if we want to embrace our feminine side.

On the first day of the new moon we honor the goddess of desire (oh how much rich messiness in owning our desire!)As luck would have it, owning desire is the theme of the first video of my week-long self care series that I will be premiering later today.

Check it out on my blog and on FB and learn how to own that beautifully rich part of yourself!