Salt Lake City!

October 20This is the only photograph I've taken since I've gotten here--snapped on the way to the first day of the intensive. Yesterday it was dark on the way there and dark on the way home. We are together for 13 hours a day and it feels like there is barely time to pee! But I'm up extra early this morning to do my practices and in the quiet of my Airbnb, I want to post and share what an f-ing amazing time this training is (and I believe will continue to be).

The content is so fascinating to me--how to direct and hold space for change and conflict, in others and myself--but it's really the group of people that is so exciting. Oh my gosh, this group! These are sensitive, brilliant, self-aware people, fun too. I would feel lucky to meet one or two of them in my life. But now 30 of us get to learn and grow together in one space and its POWERFUL. I've been lucky enough to do a lot of cool stuff in my life but this training is up there as most inspirational.

It's already teaching me how to hold my humanity with more honor and grace. And we are just getting started! Three more days of this intensive and nine more months of this process and I can't even tell you where it's going to go. But it's going to be good! I feel that down in my heart of hearts, the love I have for love, this immense presence we all share for each and every precious breath. Thanks for sharing it with me.