Self As An Instrument

October 18Airplane selfie love 💋❤✈ I'm on my way to Salt Lake City to begin the first intensive of a nine month long program in integral group facilitation (integral theory meets Zen Buddhism meets group dynamics).

I honestly don't think I could have designed a better training for myself and I am so grateful to have found it. And I don't know what to expect, which is as exciting as it is scary! I do know this though: every time I have invested in my personal growth, it's paid off in every part of my life.

This training describes it as "self as instrument" which to me means that we--our development, self knowledge, embodiment--are what we are ultimately offering the world. As we pay attention to the quality of our own presence, we not only unlock our own power but inspire so many as we walk out path.

It's so counter-intuitive to what our culture teaches (we are our accomplishments) yet it's the deepest truth I know. Personal alignment is everything. It's not easy and it requires so much sacrifice and shadow work and self acceptance but the results are so amazing and the process so rich that I can't see another way but this one--this path right into my own heart.