Simple Wonders

October 26I had such a lovely DC weekend, full of meaningful connections and fall outdoorsiness. Knowing I would be coming back from my conference, I didn't over schedule myself (my normal habit). It was a revolutionary thing to wake up on Saturday morning with no where I had to be. So I lingered and I sauntered in my pjs. I brewed a new batch of kombucha, took Poncho for a jog, reflected on my dad's passing and all that has come from this last year. The things that make me happy are so simple--good food eaten while hungry, rich conversation on a brisk walk, a newly thrifted sweater keeping me cozy.

My anxiety projects out into the future and tells me I need to do more, schedule more. Some of that is helpful and necessary but I'm realizing that I can't let that part of myself be in charge. My anxiety is a tool that helps me get stuff done when the moment calls for it.

Who is really in charge is my heart, who needs time and space and calm so it can open fully, savor immensely and offer up prayers of gratitude like this one: thank you thank you for the empty cup that is today and the simple wonders that will surely fill it just the right amount. This is my life and I do love it so.