October 13We are so so much more than we think we are. I used to think sayings like that were trite but this self care work is showing me a whole deeper level to everything. I really believe that so much of our bad self care habits come from our fear of looking at our true power.

Taking care of ourselves gets rid of all our clogginess (ama in Ayurveda--undigested food, thoughts and emotions) and once we are clear then life can live itself through us. I see it again and again with my clients and in myself. I used to be able to get away with more indulgences but now that life is really picking up velocity beers and brownies take their toll and I'm actually losing my cravings for them.

I still struggle with coffee though, always coffee.

And I still struggle with my workaholism, or my confusion that if I do more I will be "better" in some way. Action is always vital but when it comes out of a need to escape myself through overwork then it drains me and makes me forget the whole point of work (to enjoy life more!)

Today I'm going to post a video on finding true work/life balance on FB and on my blog where I address how to create a more even flow of being and doing for yourself. Hope it's helpful! So much love.