The Chariot

October 6 So have I mentioned how in love I am with the tarot? I'm so grateful to @stainlessspace for teaching me. I use it everyday to check in with my intuition and the cards are always so right on.

I feel shy to share it here because I suspect some of you might not be believers. That is totally ok and I'm realizing that it's totally ok for me to be a believer.

This is the beauty of life in our country and current age. Lots of voices and opinions and the question is how to find and trust your own. And the tarot helps me with that!

When I see the reality of the situation laid out in the cards, I get clear and let go of things much faster. As a result I'm wasting less time on unnecessary suffering and life is flowing more smoothly.

The card I randomly picked to share with you all is The Chariot.

It's about taking action and moving forward in an aligned way. The advice is to trust AND act on what your gut is telling you. The only way out is through. And I'm going to add that taking care of yourself on the journey helps a lot too.