This Is For ME

October 29Happiest Thursday (a sunny one after a rainy Wednesday here in DC). I missed posting yesterday because I overslept and life felt really rushed. And then I felt kinda stuck and cloggy all day.At first I was framing this is that I was letting you, gorgeous reader, down.

Obligation is such an easy place for me to go. But then I realized it was about me. For myself, it's important to keep words and ideas moving out into the world from my heart. Even if nobody needs them, I need to write them out.

I've been talking a lot lately about how what is good for me is good for everyone (check on the video series on my blog if you missed it last week). Doing my practices in all their humble, imperfect glory is truly good for me and I'm grateful in whatever way that serves everyone else. But really it's about staying in integrity with myself--because it's exhausting to be out of integrity with myself and I need that energy.

I love imagining a world where everyone stays in integrity with themselves. Think about how relaxing that would be!

So I decided to post today, for myself. It took a little effort to get started after falling off--even for one day--but it ultimately gives me so much energy (I'm already feeling it flow just writing this). So thank you for reading and supporting me in being so selfish in my practices and I can't wait to support you in a selfish endeavor soon!