October 16Can you spot Poncho here? That's his favorite place to sit while I work next to him on the couch. He can't understand why I want to spend so many hours staring at that screen but he doesn't love me any less. I'm not crazy about his barking but I still love him so much.

True love!

So I did a funny thing this week. I kinda didn't really launch my video series. I mean, I did it but quietly in the afternoons and I buried a few links for it at the end of my Wednesday newsletter. Some girlfriends asked me to reflect on why and the only reason is that I didn't like how I looked in the series. Aaaah vanity!

How many things does it keep us from doing? I think these videos contain really valuable knowledge that has taken me decades to learn and articulate. And my guess is that some of you missed it. Because I didn't like my how my hair looked, lol.

So will you grant me a do over?

Next week I'm going to send out the links in the morning on FB and remind you on Instagram and do a daily email to my whole list. I'm not going to let the dragon lady of vanity keep me from one more thing I intended to do!

Are you with me? What is one thing that you didn't do because of vanity? Can we do it together next week? It's really never too late to reset our course on the lives we really want to be living. I'd like to be living proof of that, hair insecurities and all.