We Are Not Alone

October 9 This is me at the Department of Justice fitness center health fair yesterday. It was fun to talk to so many people about this self care work!

I remember being there a year ago at the same fair when I was just starting Beautiful Life. My dad was dying and I cried my eyes out in the taxi cab on the way there and tried to put on a brave face but I felt like a mess.

My dad really wanted me to be doing this work and it felt like a bright point within a sad sad situation. I went for it and really launched this business because why not? I saw that I wasn't going to live forever.

I'm kinda precious but ultimately not that precious and that thought gave me courage. I've had to face so many of my shadows along the way around my own worth but the coolest thing to me is just to keep going, to keep seeing what happens next.

My coaching communities supported me so much when my dad did pass away last October 24th. I had to face that deep loneliness of grief--we all do at some point--but doing it in a group made it so much easier. I'm so grateful. No one can do our work for us but we are worthy of heaps of support along the way.

If we want to really live, we have to investigate our shadows and own our real depth. From that vulnerable place pores out the gratitude for all those who will support us as our shaky, true selves. From there we know we are never truly alone.