What's Your Story?

October 5 Here are a few highlights from my past 72 hours!

I was feeling really good as the sun finally came out this morning and I talked to my mom/took Poncho for a walk while a pear breakfast crumble warmed in the oven.

It's a great morning following a lovely weekend that involved an inspiring open mic night and an amazing church service, deeply meaningful work and such solid time with my sweet self.

Sounds ideal right?

I could also talk about all the stuff that didn't go right--an awkward date, a bit of FOMO, the fear of being seen eating brunch on my own. It's all true and it's all available for me to craft into the larger narrative of my life. Since I can tell it both ways, why not choose the better story?

My story today is that everything is a gift--including the hard stuff--that is developing me more and more into my truest, loveliest self. Everything is serving my growth!

When I see it this way then my world becomes a more compassionate place and all I'm left with is gratitude for everything.

How can you recraft your narrative today to tell the most inspiring story?