Observing Sabbath

November 17My mom called me yesterday and asked if I was ok because I hadn't posted in a week. "I'm so good!" I told her. "I actually had a real weekend." Yup, that's what I did--two consecutive days to relax and create and rest. Other than performing in Sisterfriends on Saturday night (which was incredible), I didn't do too much else of substance. I let my body decide what it needed and went twice as slow as normal. The result was that by Sunday night I was feeling so gentle with myself, so tuned into my creativity, so grateful to have carved out a Sabbath and for the effects on my whole being. Slowing down also meant I had to work through a few things that have been causing me some anxiety.

I think that is why so many of us don't slow down--we are afraid of dealing with what's underneath our busy schedules. This is why observing a Sabbath is an incredible practice not just for you but for everyone around you.

Listen to the podcast I recorded last week with Pastor Jessi Marcus on how our self care deeply affects social justice in our society. Her words finally unlocked the permission inside of me to relax--for myself and for the whole. Hope they do for you too!