November 2A few months ago the prolific @mahogneyhope had a powerful idea to create a night of women's words and spirits joining together for healing. She wanted to talk about body image, sexuality, mothers, the power of female friendship, not in a preachy way but in a deeply real, "I just gotta share my story way." I was so honored when she reached out to include me and so excited when @onelahv joined too. We've been working for months writing down the most honest words I've ever spoken about what it's like to be a woman. I've shared some of my deepest struggles--vulnerability!--and laughed a whole lot--intimacy!--and gained two deep friends that feel like sisters.

So we decided to call the show that, Sisterfriends (thank you Maya Angelou) and we want you to come see it on Saturday November 14th at 8pm at Bloomingdale Yoga District.

Be prepared to be incredibly inspired, to see yourself in a whole new way as a woman (ladies only!) and to walk out feeling the healing power of honesty in a circle of Sisterfriends.