November 3Thank the lord for happy accidents and well-timed disruptions and even all those endings that were painful but ultimately not right. A few years ago I was ready to get married and thought I had accomplished everything that I wanted professionally. It took a breakup, my fathers passing, me having an honest conversation with myself about my finances, and a lot of other synchronicity to put me in the place I am today. Now that I'm here I see just how much was inside me that I really wanted and needed to share out. It's a blessing when life doesn't go the way I want it too. I may kick and scream on some level but what is right is right and I have NO IDEA what will be coming my way next year or even later today.

To me, the stance is everything--open palms, soft eyes, discerning intellect, and strength to hold some hard moments as well as some joyful moments (both require strength, you are strong enough to hold both).