This is IT!

November 6cSince I've been in LA, I'm feeling less like I want to make meaning of things. I wake up feeling much busier in my head in Washington, D.C., so much more like I want to TALK about life. Here it feels like a state of being more than anything. I really don't think one is better than the other--just different. Here there is sun. It feels good on my back.

We are drinking tea and reading tarot. The traffic is stretched out forever, but the conversation inside the car is good. I sit with two dear friends eating Persian food outside but under a heat lamp, the last bit of saffron rosewater ice cream melting in the bowl.

Late night I arrive at another beautiful friend's bungalow on a hill, we chat until we are tired. I sleep and look forward to waking up the next day. This is it.