Anamaya Resort

December 29This morning I saw the sunrise on the yoga deck. Yesterday morning I woke up in a San Jose hotel after a really tangled flying experience made me miss the last ferry to the retreat center. Once I realized I would miss the first day of the retreat I was so surprised by the amount of anger I felt toward the airline people.

I'm supposed to be all peaceful right?! LOL, no way. I'm a human being and I have a raging, selfish monster inside of me that waits for the vulnerable moments to attack.

Can I make this monster go away? I don't think so. My friend Lindsey says our work is to love the monster. If we repress it in ourselves then we can't really accept other people in their entirety. Instead the work is to channel it creatively and compassionately and let it fuel our work of creating a more peaceful world, from the inside out.

PS--the unexpected delay ended up being great for so many reasons. Of course of course things once again work out as they should..