Let's Welcome 2016!

December 30Hi and happy almost 2016! First thing--presents! Sign up for my totally FREE month-long Uplevel Your 2016 Support Journey.  Upgrade your self care + deepen your favorite relationships in this guided experience.  It's win win win!

Now did you have a nice Christmas? Perhaps it wasn't everything you expected. Maybe you lost your cool once or twice. Maybe you realized it might be wiser to focus on yourself rather than try to change everyone else around you.

Whatever it was, you're human. And we've all been there. My advice is to let it go--whether good or bad--and get more interested in what will happen next.

And my calendar says that next up is 2016...

I'm celebrating this New Years on retreat at this incredible yoga retreat center in Costa Rica. Along with 31 other amazing yogis, I'm wrapping up a very full 2015 and welcoming in the great big question mark of 2016.

How will it all play out? I'm not quite sure. My intention is to go softer on myself (and thus the world around me) and spend more time honoring the artistic impulse.

Making art and seeing other people's incredible art is what feeds my soul. It's basic hygiene for my spirit and I'm realizing that I need it to be a happy, balanced human being.

I also want to take a bit more downtime. Rest and open space are such powerful medicine for my nervous system. My ego instinct is to take on more and more but my wisdom tells me that really great things happen when I go 50% slower.

It's up to me to practice what I preach.  I can use my own life example to show that doing less with great consciousness opens up more. It's the change I believe we need to see in our culture if we want to avoid massive burn-out.

I'll start now by keeping this newsletter short and sweet as I take the wonders of this gorgeous country.

So as I read this incredible novel in a hammock, might I suggest that you:

1. Sign up for my totally FREE month-long class on how to Uplevel Your 2016 Self Care Support. Is it possible to upgrade your self care habits while deepening your most important relationships? Yes and I see it happen every day. Join the class before January 4, 2106 and forward on to your loved ones.

2. Read this wonderful pieceby my friend Kelly about finding your 2015 Tada List (a much more fun variation on the never-ending Todo List)

3. Listen to Hamilton, the hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton's life. It's touched me more than any other artistic work of late. Not only did I learn so much about early American history, but I realized how much the scrappy spirit of our country continues to live on in my own life.

More then that, know you are loved and so very worthy of your own self care. I'll be holding that space for you and will continue to remind you if you forget.  Let's let that fuel our very best year yet.

Much love, Gracy