Open My Holiday Present for YOU!!

Dcember 21 Merry holiday time and happy almost 2016 dear readers!

Wow, what an amazing time of year.  I celebrated my birthday with some true festivities.  My family is gathering our best cooking ideas for a big Christmas Eve feast.  I love the feeling of DC emptying out + relaxing.  I am so excited to lead my annual Costa Rica retreat with my favorite Sarita Lou through the new year. It's also dark time of year.  I've been sitting with the power of this solstice time. The nights are long these days and I can feel those shadows in my life as well.

I push myself too hard.  I rush around.  I forget to accept the people I love the most.

I've learned enough to know that I don't need to fight the hard parts.  That only makes them stronger.

Instead I can accept them as part of who I am.  We all have shadows.  And it's ok to share them.

Actually I've found that my life gets much better when I share the hardest parts with trusted friends and listen to others who are brave enough to share theirs with me.

It makes sense that throughout culture and time, people have banded together to share the warmth of their spirits during these darkest nights of the year.

We share our light because facing shadow alone is too hard.  

As I realize again and again that I don't have to do this hard hard (and beautiful) self care growth on my own, I am filled with gratitude.  This gratitude ignites a true generosity in my soul.

It makes me want to give presents--big and small, material and spiritual.

Particularly, it makes me want to give presents to you, my dear and lovely readers!  I am so grateful to your weekly commitment to opening up this newsletter and pondering your own self care when you do.

I appreciate each response I get from you.  I love your questions.  You help me keep going when I want to switch on the Netflix instead organizing my thoughts into a somewhat coherent offering each week.

Thank you thank you.  My heart is real full in this moment.  I'm so grateful.

I know you don't need anything but I want to give you a present.   Woooo the best kind of giving!  This makes me so excited!  I feel like I've had this present wrapped up in my heart for the past week and now you're unwrapping it!

Cue the anticipation and glee!  Ok here goes...

So do you know how it's SO FREAKING HARD to change because maybe the people in our life aren't changing with us?  And as much as we want to eat better and go to bed earlier we probably want connection to our loved ones even more?  This is why we let our habits fall apart when we get invited to happy hour or your husband wants dessert.

We want to belong.  We want to know we are valuable to the ones we love.  This is way important and I don't think self care needs to get in the way of that.  In fact, I think connection is the secret to help your self care grow stronger.

With this in mind I've decided to create a month-long totally FREE journey to Up Level Your 2016 Self Care for this January.  Woot!

It goes like this...

1.  You sign up for the challenge here before January 5th.  This will put you on a super special mailing list.

2.  Then ask 1-4 of your lovely, self-care inclined friends to sign up too.  Just forward them the link.  Viola! You've create a self care discussion group.  Together you can commit to connecting over important self care topics weekly for one month.

3. Each Tuesday starting on January 5th I will send you a email with a helpful self care resource (a video or article with important information + relevant practices).  I'll also include discussion questions.  These are the most important part because you'll share and grow through sharing authentic learned experience.  Concepts are just concepts until we talk about them and make them come alive.

4.  You all decide how and when you would like to discuss these questions.  Perhaps an email thread, a Sunday morning Google Hangout, or a Friday afternoon tea date....

4.  Check in with me if you have questions and to share your important self care insights.  I'll share them with this larger self care community so we can all continue to learn from each other.

6.  Congratulate yourself on WIN-WIN of deepening both your self care and your friendships!

Ok away we go!  Before January 5th, sign up and forward to your friends so they can sign up and let's get 2016 started off in the most nourishing and joyful way possible.

Again, thank you for sharing both your light and your dark with me.  We need to look at both if we are going to live our truest, most joyful lives.

Both have presents hidden within them.  Both can lead us right into our own hearts.  If we are lucky, we can invite others to come have a cup of tea in there as well.