Ready for 2016!

December 26

I'm Costa Rica bound this morning and reflecting on how it's been such an incredible holiday. And it didn't looked like any other Christmas ever. I woke up alone (with Poncho!) on Christmas morning and I drove on empty highways to see a dear friend's family. Then my mom and I ate leftovers for Xmas dinner.

On so many levels it could have felt sad but instead I felt so incredibly grateful to have a life and my small but mighty family and all the other privileges of being alive (going to the Kennedy center to see "Matilda" last week is a great example).

I've been so hard on my myself for so long because I thought my life had to look a certain way. Now I see that I just forgot to enjoy what was placed so beautifully upon my plate. So I am really ready to go a bit softer in 2016. I don't want to focus on any goals. I only want what I already have--to enjoy it all more and bask in all the little pockets of delight that I am too busy and striving to normally see.

Ahhhh, such a sigh of relief! I hope you feel it too. Have an amazing last few days of 2015 and please know that I am sending you so much love exactly as you are, in all your incredible everyday grandeur.