Are you terrified of meeting yourself?

Are you terrified of meeting yourself?Funny story. I was already thinking of posting this and then this morning I had such a good example of being afraid of us. I was playing a recording I made that caught Poncho barking, as he tends to do when I am making a recording. This morning, when he heard his own bark, he flipped out. I've never heard him bark so ferociously!

It confirmed my theory that we are terrified of meeting ourselves. I think most poor self care comes from numbing ourselves against our truest selves. What does meeting our truest selves entail? Learning to feel our feelings, speak our truth and recognize the sh*tty voice in our heads for what it is, honor our connection.

It's so hard to do this--fear is SCARY--so we project our own unfelt pain onto others. Healing comes from looking inside and forgiving ourselves. We need gentle and firm support in order to do this--journaling, a therapist, a trusted friend. It's hard but it's so beautiful to feel it all and get to the other side and realize that LOVE is holding us, no matter what. Fear never wins, it just distracts us until we are ready to truly live and be there for ourselves.