How do we embrace more miracles?

January 27aHere's a little magic from this morning. Oh the miracle of it all! How do we embrace more miracles?

We get more willing to love the muck. Every single day I look at hard stuff in myself. Yesterday I was sitting with my immense need for approval. I want so much to be loved and valued by others! Is there anything wrong with this? Oh god no, it's so beautifully human!

Will I ever get the approval I desire from others? No of course not!

Loving myself is my own beautiful, unique journey. I even get to love my own crazy tender need to loved. That's the powerful stuff. I'm the only one who can give love to myself and from that place truly love others. Giving and receiving unconditional love and acceptance is so wild and beautiful. Just writing this all out is so humbling, so gorgeous, so imperfectly human and still so oddly right on because it's the truest thing I can know in this moment.

What else is there?