True Freedom

January 13aHappy Wednesday! I'm up early this morning, thinking about life and death. I just wrote a long blog post about how my dad's death last year has changed the way I see my life and work. We live in a culture that doesn't want to face that we have to let go. We are terrified. We've worked so hard--how do we open up our palms and release?

Yet with my dad, I saw that letting go meant true freedom. His passing showed me what was really important. I've never been so sad and never felt so held by love. It opened a door to my own heart and now my mission is to keep it wide open.

An open heart is necessary to do this incredible self care work, to leave certain relationships, even to start painting again. Strangely it's also helped me to let go of perfectionism. I just want to keep it all moving and perhaps there will typos in that process. My dad wouldn't care. He'd just be excited that I was going for it and not letting fear win.

When I go for it, I feel him with me. It feels like we can go on playing like this for a good long time.