Real Self Care -- A Confessional Video With Me!

Hello friends! I'm just back from a conflict-filled week of Integral Facilitator training in Salt Lake City.  The conflict was purposeful as we came together to study how to face it in ourselves so that we can handle it when it arises in a group.

So I did it.  The group like a safe space and I was ready.  For five days I faced my anger, felt my passion and was literally injured in the process!  (I'm ok--it was an accident but taught me a lot about how vulnerable we all are if we want to engage with conflict).

Now I'm am coming home feeling more alive than ever.  I'm deeply in awe of the life-force energy that flow with and amongst all of us.  It's amazingly strong stuff!  I understand now why I have chosen to cut myself off from it for certain parts of my life.

The strength and flexibility I've cultivated through my decade-long yoga practice helps me to handle the intensity of real, raw emotion.  It helps me to hold the scariness and joy of true intimacy.  It reminds me that I can pull back into myself when necessary and then emerge back into relationship when I'm ready.

I can go at my own pace as I learn and relearn how to truly be in relationship.  I wish that for all of us.  My hope is that if take the pressure off to be perfect, we can keep going when it gets hard.  Self care is there for us in the moments when we want to give up or get divorced or just feel completely lost as to what we should do.

I had so much more that I wanted to say on these topics so I recorded this video below.  Enjoy and let me know if you would like me to record on any future topics to share while I'm in India for the next month!

Oh and I have three spots still open for my Spring session of Self Care 101.  Might you be wanting one?  If so contact me today so we can chat before I leave town.  It's a game-changing course that will teach you a lot more about how to hold your own beautiful life with strength and grace.  I'd love to tell you more!