Oh my, oh my. This weekend I went to my first "burning-man-like" music + creative-spirited festival event called Nomadico in Virginia.

I was so nervous because:

1) I don't like camping, especially when it rains;

2) These days I'm committed to a more sober way of life (which still means I have a beer now and then while acknowledging that a lot of substances don't make me feel good); and

3) I get as socially awkward as the next person when I am in large groups of people I don't know.

So although I love the philosophy and am deeply curious about burns, I've held back.

However this weekend, thanks to a lot of encouragement from a friend, I dove in.

  And I had a blast!

Although it rained a lot and everything got covered in mud and I had a few awkward moments, I kept my sense of humor, stayed pretty darn substance-free without much effort, and met so many interesting people.

I need to write a full post about all the parts of the experience I found fascinating there were many.

But for now I'm so happy I faced my fear because I am walking in the afterglow of an event that truly touched my spirit.