From Guilt to Greatness - Week #1: Why We Cling to Control


Hello beautiful people!

Today we begin our journey From Guilt to Greatness: Five Weeks to Transform Your Inner Control Freak into a True Goddess.  

Over the following weeks, I will share five dynamic podcast conversations that will mark the course of a very deep form of self-care.  

If you suffer from chronic guilt and crippled by the fear of disappointing other people, this series is for you. 

We'll journey together, from the pain of clinging to control through the relief of letting go, and finally into a real embrace of our power.  

The past two years of teaching about self-care have shown me that the self-care journey involves so much more than going to bed early and eating green vegetables.  Those aspects of self-care are important, but they are only scratching the surface of its true power.

When I first created the Self Care 101 programs, my intention was to help people live healthier so they could improve their self-esteem.  It was a simple intention to shift habits with Ayurvedic knowledge, real habit-change techniques, and unlimited group support. 

However, my clients surprised me.  After just 10 weeks in the course, these ladies accomplished more than solely feeling better about themselves.  They got promoted, moved cities and healed their marriages.  They decided to become mothers after excruciating indecision, and found the strength to nurse their parents through sickness.  

It was amazing to see because it was more than I had intended. 

At first, when I saw these results, I thought that self-care was a key that opened the door to leadership. 

After taking dozens more women through programs and seeing more seemingly miraculous results, I found a truer answer.

Self-care IS a form of leadership -- the feminine kind. 

It's a leadership style that involves deep listening, creating safe spaces, honoring nuanced perspectives, sitting with challenging stories, learning through conversations and making a seat for everyone to sit at the table. 

Self-care is the feminine way of getting things done.  You don't have to be a woman to practice it, and I think many men do it beautifully.  Despite the fear that surrounds it, I don't think practicing feminine leadership will push out any other kind of masculine way. 

However as our culture has become ridiculously imbalanced, with its need for dominance, order and strategy, the feminine way of being is desperately needed to restore and maintain balance in our world. 

It's time for us to lead from the feminine. Even as some women (and other marginalized populations, and white men who don't connect to the current system at all) achieve leadership, they are still doing it within a system that doesn't treat us as whole human beings, doesn't cultivate a diverse community and doesn't honor a future vision of a healthy planet.

Leading with self-care changes all of that.  It starts with individual alignment.  One by one, we have to face our fears, mourn our losses and embrace our own power.  We have to learn to be vulnerable and supported by the community around us.  

As enough individuals find personal self-care alignment, we can begin working together to make a wider cultural change.  

Sounds amazing, right?  

Well, how do we begin? 

First we must stop getting in our own way. 

How do we get in our own way? 

We block our power with our need for control, and by the way we cling to what doesn't serve us.  

How do we get past that?

Listen to this podcast and find out.

Once we take a good look at control and decide when and how to use it, we will begin our shift to REAL self-care. 

When we are attuned to ourselves through self-care, we become effortlessly powerful.

Instead of telling people what to do, we inspire them through our own example.  

Since we can't fake inspiration, we need to be living the change we want to see. 

As people sense the rooted energy of self-care, systems can't help but organize around us.

The stronger energy always leads, and I don't know of a stronger energy than the aligned feminine presence.  

So let's begin!

Stay tuned for next week, when we'll talk about creativity and sexuality and how they factor heavily into our own self-care empowerment path.  

Please write me with questions, comments, challenges.  I want this conversation to really get started, because the more of us who participate, the greater our collective breakthrough.  The time is here; I can feel it so deeply, and I'm so honored to be taking the ride with you all!