My Grandmother


The family history continues.

Before I talk about what happened when my dad and grandparents arrived in the United States, I want to say more about my grandmother.

Of everything, I think I know the least about her story.

My dad told me that while my grandfather was imprisoned, she worked for the Polish resistance.

Apparently she smuggled people out of the country to safety at risk to her own life.

The story goes that she won the Victoria's Cross, the highest war honor given to a civilian.

A few months ago I did a search for her name and the award and nothing came up.

Again, I wonder if it's true.

Parts of it must be and does the award matter?

More than that, I wonder who she helped and what electricity it brought to face death so often and if that helped the grief or made it worse.

It makes me wish she had learned to speak English, or I Polish, so we could have had a real conversation.

I know she had things to teach me that I need so much right now.

I just don't know what they are...