Fire and Evolution


Do you know when you think you're going to Orlando to have a planning meeting to start your affiliate program and then you hear that your long-time friend (who is also a shaman) is coming to host a big fire ceremony and then there is also a sweat lodge and before you know it you've spent most of the weekend sitting in ceremony?

Yeah me neither.

In these moments I'm not quite sure this is my life. 🤔

Truly ceremony is the most interesting part of the story for me.

It finds me rather than me finding it and heals me on a level deeper than words.

Looking at our collective evolution, gathering with people over a healing intention and symbolic gestures is an essential part of our human grounding.

Yet aside from church, we don't have much space for it in our modern culture.

Traveling in Peru and India has changed this for me.

I see part of our growth work as integrating these important human practices back into our culture in a way that makes sense.

How do we do this?

Slowly and with simplicity.

Honor the next full moon with a prayer, bless a flower and release it in the river, light a candle for a friend who is suffering.

Then see how you feel.

My guess is a little more connected to your own heart and spirit, even if it's hard to put it into words.