These candles lit the way for my yoga practice this morning.

I'm on a little new morning schedule -- yoga before coffee and a few tarot cards before breakfast.

Practicing yoga this morning gave me the space to reflect on the intensity of this moment.

We are so polarized right now! I mean, it's crazy.

I get emotional when I read the news but I'm also so curious about our cultural evolution. I remember what I've learned about strong opposites -- they are creative and they can flip so easily.

The love/hate polarity is a good example.

We wouldn't hate each other if we didn't care.

Within all the vile sentiments, I know there is love present.

Love for democracy, love for humanity, love for freedom.

Maybe love for the "other" too?

I love that we can all feel differently even though I hate some of the opinions being put out there.

I'm inspired that we won't be the same after this very rough period and that heightening the our emotions shows us where we are stuck.

Mostly, I'm grateful to have space to reflect.

I'm pushed and pulled all day by these dynamics and it feels like these little moments to breathe keep my compassion alive and my mind slightly-more open.