Closing Retreat


This weekend I am leading the closing retreat for Self Care 101, the ten week habit change program I facilitate each season.

Thirty amazing women are coming together to celebrate our huge growth in self-care and renewed understanding of who we are as women.

This is not easy work.

It means looking at what is underneath the numbing (the brownies, the glasses of wine, the overwork, the shopping, the sex, etc) and challenging our inner control freak.

So many scary feelings come up!

Yet when we face them together, these monsters feel less scary.

And when we stop stuffing everything down, we start feeling the good stuff again -- the joy, the love, the peace.

It's so brave and it's beautiful. I think it's the most important work we can do as humans right now.

I'm so honored that I get to hold space for this kind of healing.

Today I feel in awe and so grateful that this is my life.