Thanks Nic!


My dear friend Nic took this photo of me during free time at the Self Care 101 retreat this weekend.

I'm leaning against the roots of a 400 year-old oak that feels like a grandmother to me.

I hope my face expresses the love and joy I was experiencing in our time together because words feel clunky when I try to express the magic.

It's so inspiring to get this many amazing women together who are dedicated to knowing themselves and supporting others.

Looking inside is not easy work and it will bring up loneliness (have you figured out by now that we all feel lonely sometimes? You are not alone in that).

This is why we need the support of others who are willing to go into those places too.

They help us remember it's so strong to feel feelings and receive support and endeavor to authentically love ourselves.

I learn so much from each woman and each group and each retreat.

It heals me.

It feels like a big ole gift to start off this week with my heart so full.

Sending this love out to you all and receiving it right back. 💗💗💗💗