Five Sweet & Simple Tips to Survive the Holidaze

I just began the Artist's Way for the fourth time.  What is the Artist's Way?   Learn more here. 

I just began the Artist's Way for the fourth time.  What is the Artist's Way?  Learn more here. 

Hello Dear One,

How are you in this moment?  Are you staying steady?  How is your heart?  

On my end, beautiful things are happening.  On Sunday I launched my winter Self Care 101 course with 24 beautiful women, all ready to receive the support and skills they need to make a sustainable change toward better health and deeper purpose.  

Each session teaches me a new lesson about this powerful self-care work, and I am so ready to learn more from my client’s courage and success.

Plus, I just received the first edit back from my brilliant new book editor, and I am thrilled with the shape my book is taking.  After writing it in just three weeks this summer (I’m still amazed this happened), my spirit told me to stop pushing and wait until my reserves were strong again before continuing.

Although I’m not great at the resting thing, I have done a lot less in these past months, and I’ve felt my nervous system regain balance.  Yay!

Now I’m ready to dive back in and shape the book into the feminine leadership manual I suspect many of us need right now.  (I know I do.)  December will involve lots of writing in coffee shops, bouncing ideas off on Poncho and my ongoing pursuit to celebrate it all.  I’ll keep you updated on the process and appreciate your support.

With all that, I’m going to keep it sweet and simple this week.

The holidays are upon us.  It’s a busy time of year.  It’s a decadent time of year.  Keeping your personal feelings of health and balance might feel impossible right now.

Still, I believe balance is possible, so I want to share a few self-care tips to help us enjoy the season while maintaining our health.  My personal theory is that healthy living can, and should, feel like a joyful gift, rather than a trudging feat.

Is this intriguing?  Can you have your holidays and feel good too?  Read these Five Sweet & Simple Self-Care Tips to Survive the Holidaze, and feel empowered to feel good while celebrating the season fully.

1. Drink lots of water.  If you are inclined, drink lots of other things too, but make sure you are downing water alongside them.  Drink a big glass of water before leaving the house for a party.  Enjoy a fizzy water in between champagne toasts.  Serve ginger tea with dessert (it aids digestion). If you ate too much the night before, drink hot water with lemon juice for breakfast until you feel hungry for a real meal. The extra hydration will help your body reset naturally so you can feel good the morning after a big fete.

2. Use the restroom a lot too.  Ok, you may actually need to use the restroom a lot if you are drinking all that water, but always keep a trip to the loo in mind as way to reset your self-care. Having a little society anxiety?  Stuck in a conversation that feels like it’s draining the life-force out of you?  Is someone pressuring you into an extra serving of pie?  Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.  No one can EVER fight you on this excuse.  It’s universally understood, and can be the perfect moment to be alone.  While you are there, take 10 deep breaths, comb your hair, and put on lipstick.  Regain your internal balance. Remember that you are a beautiful human being who gets stronger the more you set boundaries.  

3. Leave at 10pm (unless it’s an epic night).  I love my sleep, and I’ve learned that if I want to feel sane and productive, I need to go to bed before 11pm most nights.  However, I also love a good party and know socializing can be a way of self-care.  In order to reconcile these two realities, I have a loose rule that I will leave a party by 10pm unless I am having an amazing time, and the electricity in the air tells me it will be an epic night.  Of course, you have to set your own rules around this, but I do believe you can sense whether a night is worthy of your missing sleep.  I give you permission to trust that sense in yourself and to practice party self-care -- whether that means leaving early or staying up all night.

4. Stock up on fresh produce.  On Sunday afternoon, go grocery shopping and fill your cart with green leafy things, root vegetables and a few fermented products like sauerkraut or miso.  On Sunday night, pan roast a tray of beets and sweet potatoes with olive oil and a little salt and pepper.  Tear up and wash salad greens.  Blend up a salad dressing with miso, olive oil, spicy mustard and Bragg’s liquid amino acids (healthy soy sauce).  Having your veggies prepped makes it easier to bring a solid lunch to work or to fix a quick dinner.  It’s challenging to find time to cook during the busy holiday schedule. Food prep can help you make non-celebration meals healthy ones.  Plus, the action of cooking simple food is calming and grounding to your nervous system, which we could all use more of during December.

5. Light more candles.  With the hustle and bustle of celebration, your nervous system will probably get jacked.  Rather than try to avoid it -- I think it’s actually pretty fun to be so busy and festive -- why not learn to care of yourself within it?  When you get home at night, turn off as many lights as you can and light a few candles. Turn on the twinkly lights and make a cup of tea.  Wrap yourself up in a warm shawl and read a few decadently beautiful poems.  Breathe in and out, and feel the power of your own breath.  Go to bed early and wake up with a simple morning routine.

Especially if you are emotionally affected by these long, dark nights, use these simple actions to remember the light that is with you always.  This is the ever present light within that can never be destroyed, no matter how much your self-care feels lacking.

However, our light can be easily obscured when we rush through our lives and lose touch with our sense of solid ground.  Getting overly busy without self-care can cause us to miss the whole point of the holidays.

The dark winter holidays were created to share our light.  This polarity is quite powerful. Embracing the darkness outside gives us more space to know our light within and to share it with others.  Our light gets stronger the more we authentically share it.

This is why we gather.  This why we enjoy.  This is why we are here.