Love and Humor and Adoration

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I tell this handsome guy all the time that he is my favorite.

Is this because he is perfect?

Hell no.

Currently he is resistant to going on long walks and still shakes like hell whenever there is a loud noise.

Yet he's also the most loyal friend ever and I love him unconditionally.

So this holiday season has been feeling rough for me.

I feel shaky in moments I wish I was strong and so resistant to making positive change, even though I know it's what I need.

My instinct is to get mad at myself for not having figured out this whole life thing already.

Instead I look to how I treat Poncho -- with love and humor and adoration -- and try to do that with myself.

It's not perfect but I'm chipping away at old patterning and every once in a while I see a glimmer of light shine through the cracks.

Then Poncho and I celebrate with a short walk and a belly rub.