A Simple Solstice Blessing for You

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Happy Winter Solstice!

As we move into this longest night of the year, I’m taking a moment to evaluate and appreciate this last cycle of my life.  

Since the summer solstice (June 21st), I’ve launched four different group coaching programs to guide more than 60 women through their self-care processes, led a beautiful retreat through the Peruvian Andes, and written the first draft of my book about self-care and feminine leadership.

More importantly and harder to articulate, I’ve also done some deeply important personal healing. I’ve been learning how to truly feel my feelings, embrace vulnerability on a daily basis, and lean into the support of the many powerful communities to which I belong.

I feel proud of myself and completely aware that there is more ahead of me.  My intention for this next cycle is to trust myself in deeper ways, share my gifts more fully in community and to care for myself the way I would care for a friend.  

What about you?  What are the overarching lessons of this last six months of your life?  What are your intentions for the next six ahead?

Is it intimidating to ask yourself these questions?  Do you feel like you’re not doing enough, even though you feel burned out?  Does it feel hard to put the activities of your life into a narrative that gives your days the meaning you want?

If so, then I want to offer you this Simple Self-care Blessing to read as many times as you need to over these next reflective weeks.

You deserve to be here.  The best proof of this is that you are actually here right now. Touch your heart and your belly with your hands.  Feel that without any effort, you are being breathed.  This power of your breath -- inspiration -- comes from the larger world.  This world wants you to be here. 

This world contains mystery you will never quite understand. There is no solving it or figuring it out.  Rather, your power lies in appreciating being right here.  You can appreciate being here right now by taking a full breath.  Take another full breath.  

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.  You don’t even have to love anyone.  Your work is simply letting the love in (listen to my friend Nic's beautiful meditations on life and death to learn more).  As you know you are loved, the love that you are naturally emerges.  This is so simple that we make it complicated.  

As your love emerges, so does your generosity.  Once you feel loved, then you will start giving.  It’s only when you give that you can learn to receive.  Once you feel loved, then you will start listening. It’s only when you learn to listen that you can find your voice.  Once you feel loved you will include others.  It’s only when you include others that you will understand you are not alone. 

Your outer life is set up to disappoint you.  It’s only when you are completely disappointed outside of yourself that you will think to look inside.  Once you go inside, you will find the power you’ve been searching for your whole life.

The power comes from you accepting yourself.  This power comes from a decision to treat yourself with steadfast tenderness.  This power is your life, lived with so much integrity that it spills out to help others find their own integrity. 

This power is 100% available, renewable, and life-changing.  Because it’s your truest treasure, your power might be challenging to find.  This is because it’s a journey.  Finding yourself is why you are here.  Because this is your life’s work, it seems appropriate that there would be a few twists and turns and monsters to battle along the road. 

The secret is to move forward with self-care and support.  Caring for yourself will lead the way and help you rest along the path.  Support will give you the energy and humor you need to keep going.  Your tribe will remind you on your hardest days that you are so not alone and that you couldn’t be even if you tried.  

My wish for you is to remember this fully.  You are undeniably here.  You undoubtedly deserve to be here. You are perfectly poised on your path of self-discovery.  You couldn’t be alone or disconnected, even if you tried.