Indian Odyssey to Lifelong Health --February 24 - March 11, 2017

Indian Odyssey to Lifelong Health

Do you need a major life reset? Do you want to go on a healing adventure with a group of dynamic seekers? Come to India and experience vibrant wellness and true self-knowledge!  

“Traveling to India with Gracy creates so many opportunities for life-changing experiences. The Ayurveda center was simultaneously incredibly relaxing, but also challenging when I was ready to do some deep inner-work. Go! This trip can be whatever you need it to be, even if you don’t know what that is.” --Katherine S. 

We'll convene at the Bangalore airport and travel together to the Kerela state of South India, the world’s cultural and practical center of Ayurveda (the Indian Science of Life). 

Indian Odyssey to Lifelong Health

From there we'll retreat together at our gorgeous Ayurvedic retreat center in the Udayagiri mountains, a region known for its natural beauty, pure water, and strong spiritual energies. This region is currently being developed as a top site of tourism in India yet currently remains a relaxed and authentic place to see amazing wildlife (wild elephants are plentiful), temples from many spiritual paths and experience the life-changing practices of Ayurveda.  

Thus two-week rejuvenation retreat is ideal for dealing with minor health issues and fostering a deep body/mind/spirit restoration.  Our stay will include daily consultations with the doctor, daily massage treatments and other therapies and all prescribed medications while you stay at the center. 

Indian Odyssey to Lifelong Health

Our group will embark on healing journey together within the gorgeous, natural surroundings of our retreat center. The Udayagiri retreat center has recently been opened by one of the top Ayurvedic hospital centers in India, featuring some the best trained Ayurvedic doctors in the world. Each of us will begin with a full health consultation with a doctor to discern our plan of action for the following weeks. Our doctors will listen to our health history and prescribe physical, mental and spiritual practices to bring us back into vibrant balance. 

From there, we’ll go into deep retreat mode. Individually, we’ll engage in our daily prescribed Ayurvedic treatments such as massage, detoxification and meditation practices. As a group, we’ll practice hatha and restorative yoga, refine our meditation techniques with seated meditation and daily yoganidra, and perhaps even learn the ancient Indian martial art of Kalari. If you wish, you can begin and end each day with traditional Indian fire rituals used for healing our spirits.  

Group transformative experiences and individual therapeutic tarot readings will be led by Gracy Obuchowicz, a self care mentor and Integral Facilitator. Expect strong community support and deep personal growth that arises from that support!!

Indian Odyssey to Lifelong Health

Further, to fuel our journey, we will eat a specially prepared balancing diet (no meat, eggs or alcohol), engage in deepening conversation and find plenty of time to unwind in the beauty of surrounding nature. If you wish, you can take outings to explore nearby temples and sacred natural locations. There will be time to connect to the group but also plenty of opportunities to find nurturing solitude to process, heal, and take time to reconnect with yourself. 

For thousands of years, Ayurveda has healed many through its holistic treatments and grounding practices. Participating in an extended time of deep, monitored cleansing is considered to be one of the most important experiences you can undertake in your life to achieve true balance and well-being. This trip will give you a complete recharge of self while you are surrounded by a supportive community. This experience will help you reset the harmful effects of a stressful lifestyle, reclaim your natural energy of joy, and create truly radiant health. This trip is an investment in a lifestyle of well-being for the rest of your life. You will come away with deep peace and practical self-knowledge

There are many ways to experience India. This easeful trip will combine an inner ashram-like healing journey within a supportive group of inspired travelers. You will gain important knowledge and learn balancing practices that will change the course of your health--mind/body/spirit. Join us for this life-changing yogic pilgrimage to South India and be transformed by the wonders of yoga and Ayurveda in their natural birthplace. 

These beautiful sites, mystical experiences and the depth of our yogic practices will connect you more deeply to yourself in ways you have never even imagined. Do not miss this trip of a lifetime!  

Indian Odyssey to Lifelong Health


All rooms have attached bathroom and private balconies: 

Two week option:
Single room -- $2400
Shared room -- $1900


Group facilitation experiences + holistic life coaching through therapeutic tarot session with Gracy Obuchowicz

Fourteen accommodation + all food (specifically prepared for your healing needs) at the retreat center

Full Ayurvedic profile & body constitution consultation with highly-trained doctor upon arrival, all prescribed daily Ayurvedic treatments (massage or other detoxification methods) & oral medication, daily health monitoring by resident doctors, recommendations for integration of practice upon departure

Optional daily Kalari instruction (Indian martial arts) and fire ceremonies

Airport transportation to and from the Bangalore airport

You provide:

Round trip transportation to Bangalore Airport. Please note that the shuttle will leave from the Bangalore airport at 10am on Friday, February 24th and arriving at the retreat center by dinner. You can schedule your departure from Bangalore in the late afternoon or evening of March 11th. If desired, you can stay extra days in Bangalore but you are responsible for this accommodation.

Additional Ayurvedic treatments (aside from the ones prescribed in your treatment course) laundry fees, and retreat center excursions

Tips for tour guides and staff, which are greatly appreciated in India  

Payment schedule: 

You can reserve your spot by paying a nonrefundable deposit of $700. The final balance will be due on December 1, 2016. For questions or to reserve your spot, please contact Gracy at