The Inner Work

Hello world!

I'm just getting myself back together after leading an incredible weekend retreat to close out the spring session of Self Care 101, my 10-week ladies habit-change coaching circle. Twenty-three of us gathered bravely, shared our hearts, looked radiant without any make-up.

We made a big shift--as individuals and as a community. I'm so inspired by my clients! This group work is so deeply transformative and I'm still learning why.

Today I'm traveling for the last Integral Facilitation intensive in Salt Lake City to learn more. This nine-month long program has taught me the immense healing power of showing up fully in a group.

It brings up all of my blocks!

But because I love and trust the people in the group so much, I'm willing to work through my blocks in order to stay connected. The inner work is so hard and it's changing me in very essential ways. It pushes me where I wouldn't quite go on my own. I'm grateful for it, so very very grateful for it.

 — at Claymont Society.