Find Out Why You Must Join This Fall's Self Care 101 Coaching Circle

Thank you to the lovely  Maya  and  Sarah  for taking this photograph and coming to the  Power Ladies DC  Happy Hour last Thursday.   Power ladies unite! 

Thank you to the lovely Maya and Sarah for taking this photograph and coming to the Power Ladies DC Happy Hour last Thursday.   Power ladies unite! 

We’ve broken through the rain in DC!  The sunshine feels amazing.  I’m basking in it and can’t even remember what a gray day feels like.  Memory is funny like, right?

On Sunday at the farmer’s market, I asked a farmer what all this rain was doing to the plants.  He said that aside from the tomatoes, everything else wasn’t growing.  The corn was only knee-high when it should be up to his waist.  But, he said, when it gets warm next week everything is going to shoot up.

I feel the same way about us.  A month of foggy, damp weather forced us inside of houses and perhaps even inside of ourselves.  I know had to deal with some tougher emotions during those weeks of being cooped-up and rained on.

But now that our roots are fully watered, it’s time to sun ourselves and grow.

Which leads me to all these big changes I hinted around at last week.   Are you curious?  Excited?  I know I am itching to share with you!  Read on.

I started Self Care with Gracy two years ago.  My first pilot habit-change coaching circle was in Fall 2014.  I called it Self Care 101 because I wanted to teach the most basic self-care principles and practices from a compassionate perspective.  It was the self-care that I hadn’t been taught growing up.  It was the self care that when I finally learned it, it helped me to thrive immensely in my own life.

The 10 ladies in my pilot group had amazing results.  They learned to sleep better, to understand their emotional eating and to give up coffee.  I found that I loved leading the group and learned so much from my clients.  They supported me as much as I supported them.  It was total win-win.

Since then I’ve led five more Self Care 101 groups.  The results continue to be amazing. These groups have taught me that this process really works.  Around 120 ladies have gone through the course and unless they completely disengage from the process, they have a significant life transformation.  (Listen to Ruth Ann’s life-changing story here).

From my circles, I’ve learned the deep importance of group support.  I often think it’s more impactful than the actual self-care practices.  The ladies who take my programs are powerful.  They are leaders and mothers and managers--the movers and shakers of this world.  The problem is that they don’t have a place to be vulnerable and to receive support because they are taking care of everyone else. They are always in control and that control is starting to hurt them.  

Until we can be open and vulnerable, change is really hard.  When we have support, change is natural.  This is just as true for me as anyone else.  These days I spend most of my time and energy in communities that support my growth and can cheerlead me on as I take risks toward my dreams.  It’s too hard by myself.

What has most surprised me about the Self Care 101 process is how much it opens the door to a deeper form of leadership and purpose.  When my clients learn to take care of themselves and be vulnerable, then life takes over.  One client in my spring class just received her dream job offer after a few years of feeling stuck in her career.  This would surprise me except that I see it happen all the time.

I’m also seeing it happen in myself.  I am changing and growing and evolving. Which leads me to the big announcement I promised.  

This fall I am unveiling an updated Self Care 101 program.  This version has been restructured to more accurately reflect the process of change as I see my clients going through it.  Two years ago, I thought I knew what this program would do.  Then my clients had way bigger results than I could have dreamed.  They were healing their marriages, moving cities, and getting big promotions.  They were forgiving themselves.

This updated version of Self Care 101 reflects all that I’ve learned as part of this co-creative process with my clients.  It’s the most cutting-edge, integrated and joyful form of self-care that I know.

We will spend the first five weeks creating grounding routines around our physical habits (sleeping, eating, cooking, exercise).  The second five weeks we are going deeper into our emotional processes.  Together, we will learn to work through resistance, set better boundaries, understand our anger, and create conscious moments of calm within the ever-present stress of life.  

Also, this will be the last time that I will lead Self Care 101.  

It’s a lot to write that one down.  I love teaching this 10-week program.  And yet, I am growing too and want to include more offerings.  I want to work with men and create a community just for mothers.  I want to help people build thriving businesses from a heart-centered place.   I want to empower more coaches and spread the self-care message as wide as it wants to go.  My vision is pretty freaking big and I only have my one sweet, short life to do my part.

To do this, I need to let go and invite others to help me.  As the most overly-responsible person that I know, this is hard for me.  Trust is hard for me.  Yet if I want to grow, I must do my inner work and learn to receive support.  I am opening my palms and saying a big “Yes and….”  to the universe.  

So this winter, I will be introducing the Beautiful Life Self Care community to a team of new coaches who will lead their first Self Care 101 pilot groups.  I know who some of these future coaches already and all I can say is that I am very excited for everyone who will take their programs.  There will be more news  on this soon as I figure out the best way to transition my one-woman show into a powerful team of self-care guides.

I’m excited and I’m terrified. This whole thing could fail miserably.  Yet I don’t think it will.  I have a vision and I have support.  I know how to break down big changes into little steps.  I know how to take care of myself along the way.  I am learning to ask for help.

Basically, I am practicing everything I teach in Self Care 101 and I am so happy to say that this program really works, even for me.  I am humbled by how well it works.  I want dedicate my life to sharing the fruits of what I am learning.  I want to do my deeper healing so I can make sure that I can share it all sustainably for a long time to come.

So, after all of that, would you like to join my fall group?  It starts on August 28th and goes until the first weekend in November.  We will transition from summer to fall with more ease and learn the grounding, cozy routines to carry us into winter.  We will learn to be nicer to ourselves and trust our joyful hearts.  We will make some amazing friends along the way. Like always, the journey will feel like magic yet be so real.

The class is about half full right now and am excited to meet the other 10 ladies who will round out our crew.  

I am looking for people who thrive in groups, are fully ready to make a sustainable change and want to deepen their relationships with themselves.  Could that be you?

Again, if you want to take this program with me, this is your moment.  I would be excited to help you seize it!

If something in you is saying “YES!” then please fill out this application, schedule a free 30 minute chat with me and we can see if it would be a good fit for both of us.  Of course there is no obligation to sign up if we talk–sometimes it just plants important seeds for the future.

If it’s not right for you then I’m guessing you know someone who needs a clear pathway to greater self care.  Please pass this along to that person.  You never know whose life you can change.

My roots have been deeply watered these days.  It’s time to spring up in this sunshine.  Next week I am off to the last session of my Integral Facilitation training.  When I return  in June, I’ll begin sharing a month-long free campaign that will teach you to LIBERATE YOUR LOVE!  It involves Ayurveda, Beyonce and fourth-wave feminism.  It’s blowing my mind how much it will tie together so many things I’ve been passionate about lately.

Stay tuned for that and so much more.  Please be in touch if you need anything.  Sun yourself with great abandon and feel all that abundant life energy growing itself through you.  You are alive!  It’s immense and electric and I think it’s just getting started.