Liberate Your Love June Series~ Week#4: Put Your Self-Care Into Action

Last Saturday I got to brunch with this amazing crew of Self Care 101 Alumni.  There are four different classes represented here.  Some of the ladies had never met but we all chatted like dear friends.  This is what a tribe is all about!  Even if we don't know each other, we still know each other.  <3

Last Saturday I got to brunch with this amazing crew of Self Care 101 Alumni.  There are four different classes represented here.  Some of the ladies had never met but we all chatted like dear friends.  This is what a tribe is all about!  Even if we don't know each other, we still know each other.  <3

It’s amazing to me that we are already on the last week of our Liberate Your Love June series! Over the past three weeks we’ve been on a journey together to set better boundaries, understand our anger and practice authentic self-care.  

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Thank you all so much for your participation and willingness to liberate your love. Perhaps this month’s journey has been difficult. Real change isn’t easy or something you can create passively.  Real change takes commitment to a future vision and the willingness to sacrifice momentary comforts (numbing!) for longer term happiness.

I can’t imagine going through a change process without a community of support.  Knowing that other people are holding space for my healing gives me the stability to move forward into the unknown wilds of my own development.

This is why I prefer to work with groups to create authentic self-care changes.  Every season I lead a group of women through a dynamic ten-week change process.  We learn and grow as a community, and use our collective momentum to make a greater change that we could make on our own.  

At our essence, we are tribal beings who need others to move through change with us.  Otherwise, the path of change is very lonely and we can easily default to old, familiar patterns (numbing again!).

I know I talk about our collective power to create change all the time.  This is why I asked Joani, a recent graduate of the spring Self Care 101 program, to share her experience of putting these self-care concepts into real action, as well as to talk about how working with our group dramatically shifted her sense of self.

Listen the last Liberate Your Love podcast of Joani’s Real Life Self-Care Testimonial here.

Learn how Joani used simple self-care techniques to work through tough body image, and how allowing herself to be supported by a tribe of strong women has made her journey to self-love so much easier.

Ayurvedically speaking, this concept of a deep, refined support is called ojas.  Ojas is our physical immune system and our emotional resiliency.  It’s the refined element of the kapha dosha, which we learned last week is connected to the true liberation of our hearts.

We cultivate good ojas when we get solid sleep, digest our food completely and spend time in meditation.  We have good ojas when we return home from vacation or spend an hour walking in nature.  It’s the remembrance that we are connected to the whole and because of that, we really do matter.  Our skin glows and our eyes are bright.  We feel grounded and happy.

Conversely, we can burn out our ojas.  This happens when we engage in numbing behavior.  We burn ojas when we over-work, drink or eat too much, or engage in destructive relationship patterns.  It’s the feeling of being “burned out” and unsupported in our lives.

My hope is that this month of Ayurvedic exploration has helped you  understand your present life better.  These ancient concepts are best understood through our actual need for them.  It's important to live out our need for ojas and find containers that offer authentic emotional support.  

Unfortunately, our modern culture doesn’t offer many good opportunities to be loved and supported.  One of my clients wisely pointed out that extremist groups satisfy this need for belonging.  This helps me understand a little bit why someone would resort to such depths of violence.  Our need for belonging is so strong that we will search out these places and sacrifice our morals to keep belonging.

Knowing this gives me extra impetus to keep creating a community of belonging--one that fosters the transformative power of love through real self-care.

I guess I could play the game that my actions don’t matter.  But they truly do.  My own commitment to self-care helped to support my family through my father’s illness and death.  My willingness to be vulnerable and share about the benefits of simple self-care has helped others make big life changes.  It’s not about me, but it’s not not about me, either.  

All of this healing work creates an endless chain effect.  I’m just one link in that chain, and yet without my participation, the chain would be broken.  This is ojas in action.  This is using my fire energy (pitta) constructively instead of destructively.  This is the truest sense of liberating my love that I know.

So much in my life hasn’t worked out the way that I wanted.  I still carry massive amounts of grief over my childhood and the people I have lost.  There are so many hard parts of life that I can’t fix.

Yet when I do this self-care work, everything feels necessary.  If my life experience helps even a few people to love and care for themselves, then it’s been 100% worth it.  I will keep recommitting myself to this work until I use up my life force completely.

It’s with that message that I want to offer you one of the last four spots in my fall session of Self Care 101.  It will truly change your life in ways you can’t even imagine right now and connect you to a community of truly remarkable women.  

Plus it will be the last time that I will teach this program, so it’s extra special for me.  I am committed to us all having incredible self-care breakthroughs together.

If there is a spark inside of you to liberate your life in a whole new way then fill out this survey and schedule a free 30 minute chat with me.  We can decide together if the program would be a good fit for your needs.

Thank you for showing up for this month, for your amazing feedback and for your willingness to grow.  You all give me the inspiration I need to keep doing my own personal work, so I show up as fully as I can in my life.  I want you to know my deep gratitude.

Please leave a comment on the Beautiful Life Self Care Facebook Group on what you have learned this month and what you are still curious about.  Or you can write me a private message!

Your comments help me define the path forward from here.  As we keep walking together, we can further know the many ways we are linked to each other.  We can bask in that knowledge and use our common human connection--our amazing ojas--to know we truly belong here.  From there, we will just get stronger and stronger.  That’s how true change happens.