Create Your #BeautifulMorningMoment Now

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Hello all and happy mid-summer!

Hello all and happy mid-summer!

Thank you for hanging steady with me during these last months of podcasting about setting boundaries and exploring real self-care for activists during these emotionally charged times. 

This kind of deep self-care work can be exhausting, so I thought this might be a good week to take a deep breath.  And then another.  And another and another.  

This deep breathing reminds me that I am alive and that this life is so precious.

Yet the truth is that I still want to hide every day.  Every day I'm afraid of my life.  Every day my instinct is to avoid responsibility by numbing myself.  

Plus, I still want to beat myself up about being afraid, and about wanting to hide, and my instinct to avoid responsibility.

I have to continually remind myself that it's ok to have these self-defeating instincts.  Actually, I believe I am here to transmute these instincts into greater self-awareness.  The only path that will help me do that is one of gentleness.

Gentleness.  Another breath.  Gentleness.

My work is to continue walking through the fear into deeper experiences of love and service. 

I know this down to my bones.  Yet it's so easy to get sidetracked and forget.  Know, forget, remember. This is the cycle of spiritual practice.

I forget to breathe all the time and then I remember.  Another breath.  More gentleness.

I'm so grateful for my practices, especially the ones I use first thing in my day.  They help me remember how I want to use my life.  I've learned that in order to stay focused, I need to start anew each morning.

So I begin every day by setting an intention.  This morning, my intention was to practice a deeper form of compassion.  I wanted to go farther into the experience of life--both the good and the bad--than I did yesterday.

So far this intention has carried me through teaching meditation to a group of amazing men at a homeless program, breakfast and thoughtful conversation with a friend, and now into writing this newsletter.

My intention also held me as I was testy to someone on the phone regarding bureaucratic details (these are the worst for me!), and through my instinct to over-eat, to look at my phone a bazillion times, and the perpetual habit of thinking that I am not enough in some way.

More breath. More gentleness. I can remember why I am here. That is enough.

Can you relate?  If so, maybe you need some help remembering too?  

For this reason I'm starting a new campaign all about how to create a more dynamic morning for yourself.   Over the next few days, you’ll receive something lovely I made for you all.  It's a very low-priced way to dive into this self-care work that feeds me so much.  Watch out for this--it's going to be very helpful, I think (and I hope!).

Also, I am starting a new hashtag on Instagram called #beautifulmorningmoment.  In addition to this making me feel extremely high-tech, I thought a hashtag would offer us a nice place to connect and be inspired.  I want it to help us keep remembering why we are here--every single day.  

Here is an example of a #beautifulmorningmoment where I break down why I only spend 20 minutes a day doing yoga: 


Check out more of these beautiful moments here on Instagram and begin tagging your own morning photographs.  Let's help each other remember!

Next week, I am off for Peru + Mexico for almost a month.  I am SO excited about what is going to happen in this newsletter/blog space while I am gone!  Check in next Wednesday to learn more. 

And of course let's keep on breathing.  Again and again.  Know you have my blessing in being gentle with yourself.   May we all allow the forgetting so we can delight anew each time we remember.