Join the Spring Self Care 101 Circle = Create Magic

It's hard for me to believe that this Spring I will begin the ninth round of Self Care 101.  Three years ago, I couldn't have pictured how powerful this work could be or the community it would form. 

Yet this is life.  We dare to dream about an idea, take a little aligned action, and then the wind lifts it out of our hands.  It feels like magic, but really the journey was just made of small, mortal steps in the right direction. 

I'm humbled by the depth of the changes I see in my clients.  It's easy to get overwhelmed by the vision of it all, so instead I choose to focus on my daily activities. 

My commitment as the leader of these groups is to show up as fully as I can, every single day.  So many of the actions I take in my work are imperfect but I do them with a great love for this work and community. 

As a result, magic has happened and it continues to grow.

So perhaps -- a strong commitment + clear intention = magic?

I think so.  I really really do. 

I talk to so many women who feel stuck in their lives.  They don't like their jobs.  They aren't sure if they want to start families.  They feel like their health is slipping away from them but they aren't sure how to feel better. 

These women work hard...really, really hard.  Yet so many of them are not aligned with their deeper desires.  As a result, that hard work begins to work against them.  Their failure to thrive is a failure of imagination.  

Going to the gym isn't enough.  Cutting out gluten isn't enough.  A yoga class a week isn't enough.  

To make real change, we must dig deeper into what we want and examine why we are so afraid to get it.  We must find real self-care skills to carry us along the journey and a community to support us through the hard parts. 

Recently, in my own life, there has been some powerful changes afoot.  (More on this soon!).  More than ever, I am ready to help inspire this kind of change in others.  

So let's do this.  This Spring, I am leading a ten week habit change program designed to help you build a life based on self-care.  A group of 20 women will journey together, share their stories and help each other get clear on what they most want.  

Along the way, you will learn inspired self-care and how to insert it into your overly busy life.  Yes, even you can do it.  Really. 

After taking over 170 women through this program, I can attest to how much it works. Yet it's best to hear it from my someone who has gone through the experience. (Listen to Ruth Ann's amazing journey here). 

So now, how do you feel?  Would you like to join this powerful spring group?  It starts on March 26th and goes through June 4th.  Together, we will move out of the darkness of winter and learn the self-care habits that will give us an inspired spring.  

We will make magic happen through imperfect, daily steps in the right direction.  We will learn the true spirit of generosity--how to be nicer to ourselves and trust in our joyful hearts.  We will make some amazing friends along the way. 

For this round, I am looking for people who are really ready to get unstuck and finally create the magic they desire in their lives.  Could that be you? Are you ready to go?

If you are saying "yes!" inside, then this is your moment.  I would be sp excited to help you seize it!

To learn more, please fill out this application, schedule a free 30 minute chat with me and we can see if it would be a good fit for both of us.  Of course there is no obligation to sign up if we talk.  Sometimes the conversation will plant important seeds for the future.

If it’s not right for you then I’m guessing you know someone who needs a clear pathway to greater self care.  Please pass this along to that person.  You never know whose life you can change.

Regardless, please remember that hard work without clarity is just really....hard.  Go easier on yourself, take time to dream and life will begin to line up.  It works.  I promise, I promise it truly does.