How to Take a Pause When You're Spiraling

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I hope this message finds you well this Wednesday. It's amazing to me that we are already in October. Fall is flying!

Jonah is one month old now and I have less than two weeks left in my postpartum 40-day rest. (What is this? In a nutshell: a lot of cultures recommend women rest for six weeks after birth. Our culture doesn't talk much about a mother's restoration but I think it's really important.)

Within that, I still love connecting with you all about self-care. It feels more important to me than ever to have this conversation. I type these messages one-handed on my phone, usually while Jonah sleeps on my belly, and my awesome assistant Thea formats it all.

And yet, it can still feel like too much. Today I don't know what to write about. I'm still so disoriented from the massive changes in my life and the harsh news of the world. How do I make sense if it all? It's hard to know which way is up.

I recognized that I was spiraling. When I'm spiraling, I often think I need to take on more and dive further into the overwhelm.

This is my addiction to excitement, my learned habit of drama. It's caused a lot of damage in my life.

Life has taught me that the best thing to do in these moments is to choose rest. This spaciousness helps me to see where I am and feel my feelings. With awareness, I can integrate my experience and reset my path.

So with that, I'll rest. I'll go back to snuggling this wee one, drinking nettle tea and resetting the best as I can.

And you too! If you can rest - in any big or small way - I hope you do the same for yourself. If it's hard for you, then know you have permission. Resting is not only ok but it's totally necessary to living a fully joyful life. Give yourself that time and watch everything transform.

But first: a question for you!

As I move back into fuller work mode in the coming weeks, I'm curious how this newsletter can serve you more.

What self-care resources are you craving? What topics would you like to see discussed? Where can self-care take us all?

Please let me know! And then get ready to see this space shift to give us all more of what we need to live truly beautiful and balanced lives.

We so very much deserve them.