Why You Haven’t Heard From Me in a Spell

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that my weekly Wednesday emails haven’t shown up in your inbox for a few weeks.

This is because I decided to dial everything back a bit for October. These early days of motherhood are so awesome and so very challenging. Although I love my work and get lots of energy from writing these messages, they were still another moving part of life.

My main form of self-care these days is simplification. I’m always asking how I can make life easier and expend less energy. 

Answers, like taking a pause from writing for a few Wednesdays, come forth. It takes discipline to listen to them but when I do, I can feel the benefit almost immediately.

When I chose to rest, my mind switched into idea mode. As I nursed and soothed and played with Jonah, I began dreaming about the next iteration of this newsletter. Taking a break from doing so much helped me to gain a bit of vision for the future of Beautiful Life Self Care.

Next week this newsletter will look different. I’ll keep the same honest self-care storytelling that I’ve shared over the years, but I’ll be adding in more concrete tools and resources to help guide your journey.

It will have more elements of celebration and fun. I’ll share articles and podcasts that help me deepen my perspective on self-care. 

This newsletter will be a place to recharge, regroup and get inspired again on how to authentically take care of yourself. 

More than ever, we need these reminders in our culture (I need them and this is my job!). I remain committed to sharing them and to relishing the joy this conversation brings.

Stay tuned next week for a new phase of Wednesday self-care love. Until then, be good to yourselves and perhaps think of one thing you can take off your plate. 

As challenging as simplifying is, it might just be the thing you need to get that updated vision of your own beautiful life.