It's Here! The Next Self Care 101 Starts in January 2018

“I was drawn to working with Gracy because years of ‘trying to fix’ myself had never really seemed to yield deep and sustainable results. I would feel better for a short while, and then fall back into the same destructive patterns. I first expected to learn improved eating habits, a daily routine that would keep me feeling refreshed, and more about the philosophy underlying yoga, but I have gained so much more. Yes, I certainly now am equipped with an arsenal of knowledge about how to eat, rest, play, and exercise that makes me feel more focused at work and has translated to better skin, happier days, and less sleepless nights. But I have so much more. I have a sustained daily practice that nourishes my body and soul; I have deepened my relationships with friends and family, and made new ones along the way; I have gotten to know myself and am more empowered to pursue my dreams.” -- Sarina A.; Self Care 101 Fall 2015, BLC Spring - Summer 2016


Hello everyone!  

I can't think of a better time to start our next round of Self Care 101.  This chilly January, we will begin our tenth session of group self-care work.  We'll bring 20 more amazing women into our thriving self-care community.  

This dark winter, we'll work together.  We'll support each other through the hard moments of change. Using this support, we'll finally live the lives we have been craving for so long. 

This will be my first session where I will be a leader and a mother.  Becoming a mother has not only been a lot of wonky sleep, changing diapers and baby soothing. It's also been a huge identity shift for me.  Although I have spent the past 11 weeks caring for a baby, I still feel way more like the single lady business woman I was than the mama I am becoming.  

In my hardest moments, self-care is what brings me back to myself and whispers that I am strong enough to weather this change. 

I believe I can change because I have seen my clients do it so often.  I've watched over 200 women go through Self Care 101.  After finishing the course, these ladies have taken promotions, changed cities, started nonprofits, and become the leaders of their own lives. They have transformed into the women they've always dreamed they could be. 

Along the way, I've watched women support each other through the ups and downs of transformation. Tears needed to be cried, stories had to be told, and their healing had to be witnessed.  They could no longer go it alone. 

This kind of change has to be done in a community.  In order to truly transform, we must know that we are supported. This is the deepest self-care that I know. 


"Gracy's self care course helped inspire me to develop enriching and stress-free morning and nighttime rituals, to practice mindful eating, to enjoy moderate exercise and, most importantly, to give myself a well-deserved break. I started the course after a recent pregnancy loss, and I felt the course let me grieve the loss and begin to heal. The self care practices I learned throughout the program also gave me the confidence to pursue a long-term dream: to become a yoga teacher." --Elissa F.,  Self Care 101 Winter 2015/16


In this self-care work, I talk to so many women who feel stuck in their lives.  They don't like their jobs.  They aren't sure if they want to start families or are nervous to care for ill parents.  They feel like their health is slipping away from them but aren't sure how to feel better. 

These women work hard to be their best.  Yet, so many of them aren't in touch with what they really want in life.  They are still trying to make everyone else happy at the expense of their own joy.   

They are trying to do it all perfectly but still feel like failures.  They are exhausted and not sure what to do next.  


Does this sound like you?  If so, there is real relief.  Your breakthrough isn't far away. I'd like to help you get there. 

This winter, I am leading a ten week habit change program designed to help you build a life based on real self-care.  A group of 20 women will journey together, share their stories and help each other create the lives of their dreams.

Along the way, you will learn inspired self-care and how to make it happen within your overly busy life.  Yes, even you can do it.  Really, truly, absolutely. 

After taking over 200 women through this program, I can attest that it really works. Yet it's best to hear it from my someone who has gone through the experience. (Listen to Erin B.'s amazing journey here). 

Would you like to join this next group?  It starts on January 7th and goes through March 11th.  Together, we will move through the darkness of winter and learn the self-care habits to give us an inspired spring.  

We'll learn to replace our perfectionism with imperfect, yet powerful steps in the right direction.  We'll learn the true spirit of generosity - how to be nicer to ourselves and trust our instincts.  We'll make some amazing friends along the way. 

For this round, I am looking for people who are really ready to get unstuck and finally begin living for themselves.

Could that be you? Are you ready to go? If you are saying "yes!" inside, then this is your moment.  


“I am so happy I took Self Care 101. I was feeling the stress of getting older, being single, trying to figure out what is next in life. This course helped me to see that I am where I am supposed to be and that I am not alone in my search for more in life. It also helped me to care for myself in ways I had not heard in many many years. The simple habits are not simple and when taught with the love and guidance of Gracy, it really changed how I see myself. The self exploration that this self care course gave me has allowed me to be stronger, emotionally, better taken care of physically and so much less tired.”
--Saahir B., Self Care 101 Spring 2016


To learn more, please fill out this application, schedule a free 30 minute chat with me and we can see if it would be a good fit for you to join.  Of course, there is no obligation to sign up if we talk.  Sometimes the conversation will plant important seeds for the future.

If it’s not right for you then I’m guessing you know someone who needs a clear pathway to greater self-care.  Please pass this along to that person.  You never know whose life you can change.

To make real change, we must dig deeper into what we want and examine why we are so afraid to get it.  We must find real self-care skills to carry us along the path and a community to support us through the hard parts.  

Please know that you 100% deserve it - the self-care, the support, the life of your dreams.  Realizing this and taking action is what creates all the magic of this world. 


“Gracy’s Self Care 101 Course came highly recommended by a close friend who I’ve known for almost 20 years. She said the course was “life-changing” and told me she thought I was in the right place and time to give it a try. For years I’d struggled with consistent routines… exercise, food, weight loss, been in unhealthy relationships… and self care was a concept I couldn’t even wrap my head around! I was too busy caring for others to care for myself.

For me, Gracy’s course truly was life changing. I’ve developed a consistent morning routine that allows me to start my day refreshed, calm, and energized. I’ve learned to listen to my body regarding hunger and sleep and due to that listening and thinking of exercise as nourishment rather than punishment, I dropped around 20 lbs during the ten week course! Gracy’s course and the incredible support I received from the women in the group definitely played a large role in my weight loss and my continued education about  how to care for myself, set boundaries, and work towards the life I want!” - Erin M.; Self Care 101, Spring 2016