Self-Care Men's Coaching Group

Who is teaching you?
Where are you finding your guidance?

How is it possible to be successful in your work while also taking care of yourself and your loved ones in this fast paced society?

The Stand Strong course for men is geared to help you connect with your greatest teacher and guide...YOU. We live in a hectic world where daily you are faced with the increasing bombardment of stress and demands; it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose your strength. You feel you have to provide for your family and climb the ladder of success at any cost. And too often the cost is a degradation of your relationships, health and your sense of being a man.

Is it possible to take care of everyone else, keep yourself healthy and still thrive in our society? Who is helping you to do this?

Stand Strong will help ground you in your own sense of self so you can care for others, have satisfying relationships and prosper in the ever-changing world of today.

The Stand Strong Course will help you:

  • Stay healthy and care for your body during stressful times

  • Succeed in your life without stepping on others

  • Understand when to stop talking and start taking action

  • Source your real strength as a man

  • Learn to have satisfying relationships with women

  • Build a support network of other like-minded men

  • Understand the power of your ancestry and source it to thrive in your daily life

Mark Mulligan, Standing Bear, is a successful professional working in the fast-paced and competitive environment of America’s corporate culture as a manager of environmental professionals at a national engineering and environmental consulting firm. A successful collegiate swimming athlete who competed at the highest levels. A husband who has gone through a divorce, found love again and developed a healthier marriage. He is the father of a son and daughter who are flourishing as young adults. Mark is dedicated to helping men find real balance between the day-to-day grind while maintaining the spiritual connection that provides meaning and depth to life.

Mark teaches from his years of experience in the professional world, competitive athletic environment, personal relationships as a son, brother, friend, father, and husband. He is also inspired by the spiritual teachings passed on to him from many native elders such as a Cherokee Medicine Woman, Chiricahua Apache Medicine Man, Amazonian Shipibo Healers, and Incan/Quechua Elders. He is also a Mesa Carrier, having been taught these ancient Andean healing techniques passed down through the lineage of Q’ero Paqos from Apu Asangate in Peru.

Mark has developed this course to help bring you in touch with your past so you can Stand Strong in the present and be prepared for whatever the future brings.

The Stand Strong course will start the first week of April 2017 with one weekly conference call (exact time to be agreed upon by all course participants) for eight continuous weeks and will culminate in a weekend retreat on the ninth week, May 26-28th in Orlando, Florida. 

To apply, please schedule a 1-1 consultation with Mark.