How To Transform Failure Into Hope

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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Last week, I was just back from India and suffering from a combination of jet-lag, pregnancy hormones, and the forever-icky feeling of failure.  Particularly my upcoming spring session of Self Care 101 wasn't filling up, and I was panicking about letting everyone down and giving up my dreams of being an entrepreneur. 

Read more about how I was working with this failure --gracefully and not-so-gracefully -- here on the Self Care with Gracy blog. 

Then, something pretty miraculous happened.  After a big, teary break-down, I remembered that I was getting in my own way.  More than that, I remembered that I had the power to get unstuck.  Digging deep inside, I made the decision to surrender and let life help me. 

From there, everything started to change.  I signed up five amazing women the next day and another three the day after that.  The momentum continued.

Now, a week later, I have 18 people in the course.  Truly, I never thought it was possible to put a course together so quickly. 

Yet, it doesn't surprise me because working with this kind of internal, deep self-care ALWAYS works.  Of course, in my ever-present need to control my world, I will probably always forget the one simple thing that I can truly control and how much it helps everything. 

What is that one simple thing?  Want to learn more about how to get unstuck and transform failure into hope? Listen to this week's podcast here where I share all my secrets.  

Now, I am so excited to begin this next cycle of self-care empowerment!  What felt like a huge burden now feels like a tremendous gift.  I am so very grateful and ready to go with the flow of this course and all the gifts it will bring.

As you read this, do you want to be a part of this group?  Perhaps one of those last two spaces in Self Care 101 is for you!  If you are sparked, apply to join this session of Self-Care 101 here. Transform your self-care, and your life, forever and ever. 

As we begin, I will practice what I preach.  I will remind myself that my job is to stay out of my own way, take super good care of myself, and receive the goodness of the universe. From there, we can all remember to do the same.  

We can relax.  We can heal.  We can finally begin enjoying our lives. 

It's in this way that we can remember how to access our most real power. Using this power is how we help ourselves and help others. It's the biggest gift we can give to anyone in our lives.  All we have to do is remember to use it.

And no many how many times we forget, it will always be right there.  It will forever be motioning for us to come right back home to our sweet selves.