AbunDANCE! : A Dance Party for Women

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On Saturday, April 29th from 7-11pm, join your DC sisters for a femcentric and fabulous evening of dressing up, getting down and celebrating the beauty and power of all women. 

Get ready to dance, meet other beautiful ladies, and be amazed by the power of coming together to support each other's greatness!

Wear something that you love -- daring fashion choices and bright colors of lipstick will be applauded -- and pass the word along to other women who share the empowering spirit of our event. 

All people who identify as women are invited.

Buy your tickets or a make a donation to Thrive DC here: https://beautifullifeselfcare.ticketspice.com/abundance-a-dance-party-for-women

All profits will go to benefit Thrive DC, an organization which does amazing work to help DC's homeless population and has a special program just for homeless women. (Learn more at www.thrivedc.org)

The event will be at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church - Washington, DC.