And I'm back...

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I'm back from India! Yesterday, despite the monster travel, I managed to stay up most of the day and slept through the night.

This week, I'll share more photos and stories from the trip but today I wanted to talk about what to do when you've been gone for weeks, haven't shopped and still want to eat a home-cooked meal. I run into this problem a lot after big trips.

My best solution is to keep a few root vegetables or squashes on hand, which last for weeks. Then cook up a dried grain and serve it all with a fermented vegetable, which only get more nutritious with time.

Yesterday I roasted this acorn squash + seeds, stuffed it with black rice I cooked with coconut and dried cherries, and garnished it all with homemade sauerkraut.

Oh, and I covered it all with nutritional yeast because I'm pregnant and always craving the stuff.

While it baked, I did laundry and watered my plants and got excited to be home again.