Chants and Offerings

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A very important part of Ayurvedic life is the practice of puja. Puja is a fire ceremony performed upon waking and before sleep. 

During the ceremony, the puja leader administers a series of sacred chants and offerings, all of which pay homage to the elements. We honor the fire, the earth, the water, the air, the ether, or space, elements. We honor them because they exist in our world and they exist in us and thus, we remember our inherent connection to our world. 

Beginning and end my day this way fed my ancestral memory of warming myself by the fire and giving thanks for water and earth. The pujas helped me cut away the unnecessary worries of life -- and so many of them are unnecessary -- and focus my gratitude on simply being alive. 

Since coming home, meditation conjures a similar feeling but it's honestly not the same. Perhaps I need to create a little puja set-up of my own here....