Cheers to Everyone

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Thanks for reading about my trip to India over this past week! 

I wanted the last photograph I share to be of our group in the morning sunshine as we left the center, garlands of jasmine around our necks. These women are amazing! 

Some of those Ayurvedic treatments are not easy (daily enemas or vomiting treatments anyone?). Plus, emotions always flare up on retreat, because we are not able to do the things we do to keep them down. 

Throughout it all, these ladies hung really tough, did their emotional work, and even laughed through the uncomfortable moments. They cheered each other on and created the family unit that we all needed to heal.

It's amazing to hold that space, witness the love and then to be healed by it myself. Personally, I think I have the best job ever. I'm intensely grateful for this experience, the people who show up fully and the ones who care for us tenderly along the way. 

From the bottom of my expanding heart, thank you to you all! 
I'm already excited for next time.